Georgia Fantasy 5 Web App 2

For Entertainment Purposes Only

By Charles Peters,, Copyright 2014

See Georgia Fantasy 5 Web App 1

Georgia Fantasy Drawings 100 back, numbers list with low to high position came in and numbers they came in with.

Last 49 Drawings Will be listed when click List Fantasy Numbers.

Check Which Numbers Number Has Already Come in With Previous Drawings
Either enter number 01, 05, 23 etc. and click check number match
or select number from dropdown box.
Check Number Match erases box for new result. Dropdown box does not erase box & may keep past selections
to compare. May have to scroll down box to see latest result.


Use drop down select box to add numbers to boxes below.

Use buttons Left, Right, Up, and Down to move cursor around boxes and select a number you are considering.

Use Add Rows button to add up the numbers in the boxes. One number is the Total of Numbers Added Together.
The FT Number is the Frequency Total. This is the number of times the numbers have come in during last 49 drawings added together.

When you select a number from drop down box you are shown the last drawings the number has been picked and
the numbers that came in with it. You are also shown the number of times the number has been picked in last 49 drawings.

When you select button called Together/Not you are shown the numbers the selected number has come in with during the last 49 drawings
and which numbers the selected number has not come in with during the last 49 drawings. The selected number is selected by moving
the cursor around the boxes using the buttons. A box will show you the position (box) you are at and the box next to it will
show you which number is selected if any number is selected. Note that the selection must be made using the Left, Right, Up, Down buttons.

The Left, Right, Up, Down Buttons are also used to locate which box is where you want to place the number you are about to select.
If a number is in the box, the number will be overwritten by the new selection. Each selection will advance cusor to the next box for the
next selection.

Matchbox ...................... Dropdown Select Box

Selected Number Has Come In With
Selected Number Has Not Come in With
.. .. ..
.... ...
.... ...
.... ...
.... ...
.... ...